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Charles Dana


Charles Dana

Juried Member

I am a 30 year old photographer trapped in the body of a 77 year old man. I have been using a camera since the stone age, well for the past 50+ years and I intend to get it right during the next 50. I am self educated, all of my errors are truly my own.
For the past ten years, since converting to digital, I have been using DSLRs and doing mainly macro and close up images of flora and bugs. My style is simplicity and I have been shooting with wide apertures to focus on the salient features of my subjects. I am a follower of the French Impressionists and my images are rife with color.

I do my own printing and for the past year or so, I have been varnishing my prints and framing them without glass. I sell my work through a couple of galleries and at art fairs - send me an email to get a list of my current activities.

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