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Carol Horstman

Painting, Sculpture

Carol Horstman

Juried Member

We weave a web unaware we weave. I exalt the small act, positioning that work on a continuum with larger phenomena, a stance that describes my aesthetic, encompassing my ethics of being in which nothing stands apart. My personal and global are profoundly linked. My works create a spiritual life web that binds us all together: We weave a web unaware we weave.

In a time of soulless mechanization, mediated experiences, and anonymous production and reproduction my work reminds you of who we are and how we are woven together in spirit. My artist’s soul hears the smallest cry in the darkness.

My works take flight with lyrical, curative powers. I resuscitate wonder, restoring essential connections and healing our hearts. My works are monumental at twelve feet and meaningful at twelve inches. I work in steel, wire, stoneware, found objects, printmaking and painting.

Carol Sue Horstman:B.F.A Washington University

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