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Linda Layton


Linda Layton

General Member

I'm Linda Layton, a watercolorist. I graduated from the College of Charleston SC with a Bachelors of Art degree. I also was awarded the Outstanding Artist award of my graduating class. In the years past I received a teaching degree and have been teaching first grade for the past 20 years.

Over the past year, year and a half I have been excited and working hard to perfect and develop my art. I have been enthusiastically working with pastels and oils. In doing this I have been motivated to study and concentrate on color theory, portraits, and what I see around me. There is so much beauty in our own back yards. During Covid 19 I took a lot of walks and photographed what I saw along the way. They made for great drawings and paintings.

In all my work I look deeper into what I am working on. I look at the colors, shapes, shadow, and composition. We often take things for granted or pass by without noticing or taking a second look at what’s around us. In other words I Take A Closer Look.

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