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John Salozzo

Painting, Airbrush

John Salozzo

Juried Member

I create art that is meaningful to me. I’ve tried to simplify my artistic expression throughout the years, not necessarily by means of less paint on the canvas but through subject matter chosen. There are several series I have committed myself to consistently adding to, with an occasional outlier.

Having been a successful commercial artist throughout the 1980’s into the ‘90’s I was always tasked to produce artwork for the art director or creative director in Boston, New York or LA. That was a fair arrangement. However, when I burned out I swore if I ever picked up a brush again it would be to fulfill what is meaningful to me, things I find interesting. I don’t try to guess what is popular or selling at the moment. I’ve never been good at predicting the market. So, with that in mind I paint subject matter that turns me on.

I have been fortunate to have won awards and sell my artwork while painting in my realism style and with solely acrylic paint. My preference for realism is that it simplifies the image and if powerful, speaks to a person’s life experience. The painting, because it looks so real, makes it easier to act as a window into a memory. I’ve seen this happen to customers that have purchased my work. It can be a romp at the beach during the summer of years past, a remembrance of a diner were they met their friends, the music of their time or simply the toys they played with growing up. Nostalgia sounds corny but not from the reactions I’ve seen. It is powerful.

I’m enjoying my journey as a fine artist and would like to help more admirers of my work share in my artistic travels.

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