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Robert Kokenyesi


Robert Kokenyesi

General Member

I'm a self-taught artist working in ceramics; I learn from workshops, online videos, and from personal demonstrations. I started Beachfront Pottery in 2006 with the dream of making high quality pottery pieces inspired by oceans, beaches, their landscapes, and their animals. A great part of my inspiration comes from many personal encounters during my scuba-diving years and during my travels that created a long-lasting impression in me.

My technique is hand building, whether it's a wall hanging like Starfish Dreaming VIII shown here), a functional bowl (like Feeding Frenzy bowl in my portrait), or a sculpture (like Ancient Shark II shown here). I have a studio in my house in Godfrey, IL. In the past 5 years I've been experimenting with the combination of clay/ceramics with paper, glass, fiber, metal and wax; I believe that those combination impart a unique character and storytelling ability to my pieces. I frequently submit my pieces to local and national exhibits.

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