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Michael Frank


Michael Frank

Juried Member

Michael Frank has been painting for over 40 years. Because of his attention to detail, coloring and strong direction of light, he transports his viewers into an enchanted time and place. He has developed a series of fantasy paintings where the imagery comes from his imagination. These depict nature with birds, turtles toadstools and even fish against a mysterious fairy tale like setting of forest brooks and waterfalls. Michael has won numerous awards for his art and is a Juried member of the "Greater St. Louis Artist Association". Many of his paintings can be seen at several galleries in the St. Louis area. You can see more of Michael's work at his website.


​I Love to create. Creating paintings gives me a way to show off my imagination without depending on others. It also gives me the power to touch someone. To bring back fond memories. To make people aware of their beautiful surroundings. To alter a mood. To dramatize the quest for survival or happiness. I often portray many of our world's magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings. I do my best to glorify them. To warm our hearts to them and be thankful for their creation.

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