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Marty Warren


Marty Warren

General Member

From a very early age I found great joy in making things. Encouragement from a few family members and heredity may have resulted in the visual path I chose; who really knows for sure? My focus on visual art in both high school and college during the seventies formed the basis for a twenty-plus year teaching career. In 2000 I—along with a colleague—received a Special Recognition Award from the Saint Charles Chamber of Commerce for our participation and promotion of the Missouri Mosaics Mentor Me program. While teaching on the high school level, I earned a Masters in Studio Art which pushed me to a higher level of creative production. My work hangs in locations from the east coast of the United States into the mid-west.

Many of the pieces you see here have been produced at various times over the last twenty years. I am currently working on a series (my first official one) of twelve playing cards—face cards or paint as they are known in some circles—that I am hopeful will be finished before the next decade begins. They are somewhat intricate, so the going is a bit slow, but persistence should get me there in due time. And to make room for these new, larger (4.5’x2.5’) “cards,” I have to clear some inventory. So make me an offer I can’t refuse; reasonable ones will be considered.

Now four years retired, I work to please myself always hopeful others will enjoy viewing the final work at least a fraction of the amount I did making it. And always enjoy whatever, whenever you can.

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