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Jennifer Allwright


Jennifer Allwright

General Member

I am a Canadian born artist and self taught. I started at a very young age sketching horses than I discovered color pencil and  pastels then oil and finally Acrylic.  I enjoy acrylics quick drying time as I tend to paint fast and am impatient.  I didn’t pursue art seriously for different reasons dabbling with it through  segments of my life's journey but in the last 6 years I’ve landed where I need to be in order to be able to develop my passion. Painting is like breathing to me. It takes me to my happy place and all worries melt away. I am inspired by the shadows and light in a photograph along with the feeling expressed by the subjects eyes. Sometimes it’s my own photo or a an idea I think of . If it moves me the right way it must go down on canvas.

I begin by freehand sketching the subject on my canvas. Then with acrylic paints I brush in the mid range tonal value then apply my darks , blending and smoothing with a blender brush and at this time I usually detail the eyes too. I will then start to apply the lighter values adding more details such as fur... I will move back and forth between darks and lights to create depth where needed. My goal is to do justice in recreating the magic and beauty of every animal.

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