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Jeff Easley


Jeff Easley

Juried Member

Since 1979, I have been designing and constructing
a wide variety of studio furniture, wall sculptures
and accessories using non-endangered woods
chosen for their natural colors.

Contrasting woods are used for achieving the best overall
design impact as well as for details such as inlays.

All designs are original designs.

After the design process, regardless of whether the project is a commission from a client or if it is a speculative piece, projects start from selecting
the rough lumber and then proceed to the machining process.

The components are rough cut just over the final dimensions and are then flat planed, parallel planed, and are then worked using various machines to produce the desired results.

Next the pieces are sanded using a variety of equipment, starting with
80 grit sandpaper, then on to 100 grit, 150 grit, and 220 grit.
Finally, the components are hand polished
with 0000 steel wool and are then ready for assembly.

Once the project is completed, a finish of Danish oil and Tung oil is thoroughly applied by hand, bringing out the natural beauty of the woods.

Custom projects are welcome!

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