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Holly Deckard


Holly Deckard

General Member

My current work consists of Raku pottery and decorative sculptures. My attraction to Raku is the unpredictability, the speed of the firing process and the beautiful results. It’s all about experimentation to see what different outcomes I can get! I have recently been expanding my knowledge of the entire Raku process and begun making my own Raku glazes

My most recent exploration is making sculptures focused on the female form. Each form is unique, like the real women who inspire me, while keeping the form somewhat abstract and goddess like. They represent the inner goddess found in all women.

I found my passion for ceramics later in life. My background is in dietetics and I stumbled upon working with clay while participating in a workshop at the local high school. I had never taken any art classes before and was amazed that I had some ability. I was captivated by the process of creating with clay and wanted to learn more. I began taking classes at the local clay studio several times a week, soaking up tips and techniques from anyone who would share and was immediately hooked when my mentor, Kate, introduced me to the Raku firing process!

After practicing the art and science of ceramics for a while, a passion emerged that surprised me! Since leaving the dietetics profession to pursue a career in art, I have been showing my work in local art galleries and art shows. In addition, I enjoy teaching clay classes and Raku workshops. I find the process of using the elements - earth, water and fire extremely stimulating and fulfilling and love to experiment with different shapes, textures and glaze combinations to create my pieces.

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